The best pizzas in Naples are made by hand and are served by hand.

But there’s more to the pizza than the simple ingredients and fresh toppings, which can be a challenge for a beginner.

Here are 10 things to know before you get on the road with your favourite pizza.

What you need for a pizza: The crust and toppings are all handmade in Italy and then baked in-house.

The toppings include tomato sauce, cheese, basil and olive oil.

For more information about Naples, check out our guide to food, culture and dining in Naples.

The best places to buy a pizza at the moment are on the internet.

The best places are on our Naples guide, which includes restaurants and supermarkets in the Naples area.

Pizza prices vary depending on the type of pizza you are ordering.

A standard pizza costs around €9 (£6.20).

The most expensive pizza can cost up to €70 (£51.50).

Find out more about Naples in our guide.

Where to eat in Naples: Restaurants in Naples have become popular with families and small groups, with some offering their own menu and others offering menus of their own.

You can find more information on the menu boards of restaurants in Naples and in the map below.

How to make a pizza in Naples There are two types of pizza: the traditional pizza made from dough and the more modern, gluten-free, dough-and-salt-free pizza.

Traditional pizza is made from a dough and salt-laden flour mixture.

The flour used in traditional pizza is called pizza dough and is made up of wheat, rye, rye-wheat, rye flour, milled wheat and barley flour.

Gluten-free Pizza Pizza dough is made with all-purpose flour and gluten-based flour.

It is then ground into a powder and baked at a high temperature to release the gluten from the flour.

The gluten is then combined with water, salt and pepper.

Gluten-based pizza dough is sometimes called gluten-lite, gluten flour or gluten-less pizza dough.

It can also be called gluten free pizza.

The most popular gluten- free pizzas have been made in Italy.

Find out more.

A pizza in Italy is typically a single-serving pizza.

For this reason, most pizzas are served with either pasta or meat sauce, but you can also have a pizza on a sandwich or pizza with vegetables.

Find more about pizza in the guide.

The main pizzas to order at Naples restaurants include the classic pizzas: Pasta and meat pizza, pizza with mushrooms, pizza for vegetarians and pizza for vegans.

There are also more affordable pizzas, which offer the same flavours and toppling, but typically include meat, fish, pasta, vegetables and herbs.

Find a Naples restaurant here.

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