Getaway House members who are currently residing at the luxury hotels in Las Vegas are getting a $1,500 house discount to live in their own homes.

The luxury resorts in the Las Vegas area offer a lot of perks for their guests, including a free entrance and access to the swimming pool and golf course, according to the Las Palmas Daily News.

According to the article, members of the group will get a $5,000 home and a $2,500 vacation home at the hotels.

Members of the Getaway house will also receive $1 in hotel cash back at the resort and other discounts, the Laspalmas Daily news reported.

The resorts are located in the resort’s famed Hotel Palms, and are home to many of the country’s top celebrities and entertainers.

A number of celebrities and celebrities have been staying at the resorts for many years.

Among them is the wife of singer Taylor Swift, who has spent the past several years living in the luxury hotel.

Last week, the Hollywood actress was photographed at a Getawayhouse party with her children, including one son, 11-year-old Dylan.

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