Posted October 04, 2019 09:16:36 The world has been waiting for the Big House to begin its first full week, and now that it has begun its first week, we have already seen some of the biggest changes that it will bring. 

A new house in Dubai is set to open on October 13, but it will be the first to start with a lot of changes, starting with the name.

Dubai, the UAE’s capital city, is known as the “City of Wonders”, but it also has a reputation for being a dangerous place to visit, and the latest news is that the city is about to see a change.

Dubay News24 reports that the construction company behind the Big house in Abu Dhabi, which is being built on the site of the former Waffle House restaurant, has changed the name of the project to The Big House, to reflect its new location.

The company has also added a new name to the “waffle House menu”, which will be an extension of the current menu, featuring the house’s original, waffle-like menu.

It’s the latest sign that the world is ready for the next big house in the UAE, which could take the title of the best-known and most popular house in Asia.

Dublin’s Big House is one of the first new developments in the world, and has been a big hit for the city.

Dubhi’s first big house, the “Waffle House”, opened in 2015.

It has attracted attention from around the world for its amazing food and delicious drinks, and its popularity has grown since.

Dubis newest addition is The Big, which opened in Dubai in 2017, which will feature a more traditional restaurant-style menu.

Dubish food lovers are now looking forward to a big change in their lives, as the city has officially opened its first Big House.

Dubya is the second-largest city in the country, after Abu Dhabi.

Dubia is home to over 1.6 million people, and is one the most densely populated cities in the Middle East.

Its population is currently around 1.7 million, and over 4 million people are living there, according to the United Nations.

Dubays biggest city, Dubai, has become a hub for tourism in recent years, as its new Dubai International Airport is attracting a growing number of international travellers, as well as a growing international economy.

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