The GOP is about to get a lot more moderate.

The party is getting a lot less conservative.

The new president is leading by a hair.

The GOP has a lot of problems and a lot to learn.

The GOP is going to need some new ideas.

There are a lot going to be hard decisions to be made.

It is going, and will be, about who will be president and how they will run the country.

I am leaving the Republican Party and will not be returning anytime soon.

In 2016, the party chose a new nominee who has been far more moderate than Donald Trump.

It’s time for a new generation to take over.

We need a leader who understands the problems and solutions and will make them happen.

I believe we have one.

I’m running for the Senate in Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District.

If I win, the Republican Congress will move to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch, a justice of the Supreme Court who will protect our nation’s religious liberty and the rights of Americans to exercise their faith without interference.

If I win in 2018, the GOP will also move to nominate a new president, and I will serve as their chief of staff.

And if I win next year, I will bring to Washington the experience and judgment that the American people deserve and the GOP leadership needs to bring to bear on the challenges facing our nation.

I will fight for the middle class, the middle-class families, and the middle classes in the Washington, D.C. suburbs.

And I will be the strongest advocate for working people and for all Americans.

There is a lot that I want to accomplish for the American working class and working families, but the most important job I can do is to defend the Republican principles that helped put us where we are.

We have to work together.

We will all be in the same boat, but we will not all have the same goals.

I know that there is a sense of urgency on the part of the working class.

I want us to do everything we can to win that election, but I also know that I can’t win if I do not work as hard as I can.

I can, and that is the reason I am running for Senate.

The Democratic Party is the only party in America that fights for the most vulnerable, and it must be.

It’s the only one that understands the power of working families to fight for their rights and to make sure our economy works for everyone, including the most hardworking families.

That’s why I’m supporting Elizabeth Warren for president and supporting Senator Kamala Harris for Congress.

I believe that the Republican agenda, which has hurt our economy, is not working for the majority of Americans, and we have a moral obligation to change that.

We must fix it.

When I ran for Congress in 2020, I promised to put forward a bold, new Republican agenda that would help the middle and working class as well as the poor.

I promised that the Republicans would never do this again.

We are going to change the Republican majority.

We are going, in many ways, to change our party.

We can start by bringing people into the fold.

We’ve seen that in Virginia.

I ran as a Democrat, but in 2020 I will vote for Democrats for Congress because they will represent me and my family.

I’ll stand up to the Republicans and to the extreme right wing of our party, because they are out of control and have no place in America.

This election is going not just about me.

It has to be about the future of the country and the future for the working people, the poor, and everyone else.

We cannot afford another election like 2020.

I pledge to fight to get the Republicans out of power, but to get to the White House we will need the Democrats.

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