Amity, New Jersey, (AP) — The Amity Village Horror House is back with the same cast and the same director as in its previous incarnation, but this time it will be set in the haunted, Victorian era in New Jersey instead of a creepy, haunted house.

The revival of Amity Voorhees is slated to open April 19 in New York City and in the U.S. on May 6.

The Amish-themed haunted house, which features characters from a classic Amish movie titled “The Amish Christmas” will be the first of the Amity movies to be released theatrically, following other Amish movies like “Ducktales” and “Frozen.”

“The Amity village is the perfect setting for the Amish holiday movie, and the new Amity movie will have the Amishes in it,” David Schumacher, who co-wrote and produced the movie with his brother and fellow filmmaker Scott, said in a statement.

“The movie is the first film in the Amis family and has a history of making the Amies proud and to have them involved with the AmiTales franchise will make for an exciting new holiday movie experience for all Amish family members and friends.”

Amity Village is the name of the town in which the family lived for more than a century before settling in New Hampshire in the 1920s.

The original Amity house, built in 1912 and named after Amish patriarch James Amity Jr., is now owned by the Amite-Siciliano Amity Charitable Foundation, which is trying to save the historic structure.

The movie, starring Chris O’Donnell as the Amites’ grandson, will be directed by Tom Hanks, who has worked on numerous feature films.

The two also worked on the 2015 film “Shovelhead.”

The Amites are among the Amistad-based Amish communities that have long struggled with a lack of funding and an overpopulation of some 20,000 people in the county, including a large concentration of Amish women.

Many Amish live in small communities with little access to education or health care, and many are forced to work as servants or housekeepers.

The film will be a family affair, as the main characters will be Amish boys and girls from the village, the Schumachers said.

The family will have their own Amish friends and neighbors.

The Amistads are descendants of German immigrants who settled the region after World War II.

The town is located on the outskirts of New Jersey and has more than 1,000 residents.

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