It took me nearly six months to build my china dolls house.

I used an old-school wooden dowel, some scrap plywood and a few old kitchen cabinets.

I wanted to make the home look like the china I grew up watching on TV.

I built the wooden dowels and used a saw to cut the pieces to size.

I got my dowels from a local woodworking shop, and I made the first cut.

I started with a small, unfinished basement that I could move the dollhouse into.

I attached the doll house to the basement wall with 2-inch screws.

After that, I cut a small hole for the bottom of the doll and a small piece of wood to secure it to the wall.

The first step was to remove the old doll house and replace it with the new one.

The rest was just getting the house ready for the first-time buyer.

The main reason I bought the chinese dolls house was to see how they would look in a home.

So I put them to the test, and they were perfect.

I loved the way they turned out, and the fact that I had a chance to build one myself.

I also had to build it on the cheap because the dowels I bought cost me about $300.

The finished product looks great.

I’m still not sure how I spent so much money on this one, but I think it turned out great.

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