The PubSider has a lot to say about the Pubs decision to sell to Publisher Solutions in 2019.

We believe the PubSiders sale to Publisher Services is a great deal for both Pubs and Publishers.

We are extremely pleased with the Pub s decision to continue to publish content in our new space, and we look forward to continuing to share with our community the same passion and excitement that we have been sharing with our readers since we began publishing in November 2017.

We are honored and proud to work alongside such a talented and loyal community, and look forward for many years to publishing more content here at PubS.

The Pub s continued success is an important part of our mission to deliver high-quality content to our readers, and they are an amazing asset to the Pub.

We have an amazing team of writers, editors, publishers and content creators, and it is an honor to have them on board to continue publishing quality content here.

We look forward the Pub to continue producing great content for our community.

We will continue to be the home for the Pub and the Pubss community to continue creating content.

We thank you for all of your support and support, and thank you all for the incredible support you have shown us over the last year.

We know the Pub is the best in the business and look to Pubs to continue the success of our site.

We wish them and the community the best for the future.

We can’t wait to see where we will be with this new Pub and our future. 

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