Joe O’Connor is the head of Waffle Houses in Texas, but he’s not going to celebrate the hurricane in person because it won’t happen anytime soon.

He and his employees are stuck in their home, and they’re not even sure if they’ll have the food to go out.

Joe O’Connors, Wafflehouse owner, tells ESPN he’s still waiting for word on when the restaurant will reopen.

Joe says Waffle houses is in a holding pattern, and there’s not even any food to feed the people who are in the home.

Joe is in limbo because the government is withholding food, which means that WaffleHouse won’t be open at all.

He’s worried that it won’t be possible to get the food that the people need to survive.

Joe says there’s no way they can feed everyone at once.

Joe and his wife, Kelly, are waiting on FEMA to let them know when they’ll be able to get food.

Joe said that FEMA is saying they have a lot of food.

But Joe and his family are not happy with the situation, and he wants to know when FEMA will let him get his food.

Waffle House says that they’re trying to get FEMA to give them the food and supplies that they need to feed their customers.

But they are not able to because FEMA has told them that it’s not possible to give the food they need.

Waffles has been open since the storm, and it will be open until Friday when it will reopen its doors to the public.

The Waffle house has had to make a decision as to whether to open at the same time that the rest of the country does, as well as to continue operating as normal.

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