A new study from Astrology House suggests that astrology can be used as a way to help you manage your anxiety.

The study examined the relationship between the personality traits of the people that are most likely to suffer from anxiety and how well those traits correlated with each other.

They found that personality traits that were associated with anxiety, such as irritability, were also associated with the more common personality traits associated with astrology, such.

As they explored this link, they also discovered that astrological personalities are more likely to have been influenced by the types of astrolabes that they studied.

The results suggest that astrologers who focus on specific personality types have a greater chance of becoming successful astrologer than those who focus more on more general traits.

For example, astrologors who were more inclined to be positive-thinking had a slightly lower likelihood of developing anxiety than those with less positive thinking.

This may be because positive- thinking is a more commonly found trait among those with a high tendency to be optimistic, according to the study.

While this may seem like an unlikely correlation, the authors say that this could be due to a number of factors.

Positive-thinking is a trait that is highly correlated with positive affect, and astrologists who are more inclined toward this personality type tend to be more inclined than others to see themselves as positive-looking.

The Astrological Personality Theory explains how this might happen.

Astrologers with a higher tendency to see oneself as positive are likely to be motivated by an underlying sense of self worth, which is the belief that they can improve the world through their own efforts.

Positive affect is therefore often thought to be a necessary component of success.

As a result, the more positive traits that are associated with an astrolabe, the greater the likelihood that astronomers are likely going to develop anxiety, according the study authors.

The study, “The Astrologic Personality Theory of Astrology,” was published in the journal Psychological Science.

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