A video of a house on the side of a road that has been rigged to show its contents to a voyeur has been made public.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on Saturday, shows a large room, with an old pool table and a chair on the end of a path, that appears to have been left unattended, and a small pool table that is partially hidden in the ground.

The video was uploaded to the site of a Dutch news site, the De Telegraaf.

It was filmed in a village in the town of Wijth, which is just outside the Netherlands’ second largest city Utrecht.

The house, which was built in 1857, is shown sitting on a path leading to the sea and being lit up by a light from a garden light.

The pool table sits at the end, and the chair is hidden under the path, where it can be seen lying on the grass.

The footage is not entirely clear, but it is not impossible that the owner of the house had an agenda, as the lights were set off.

The location of the video was not disclosed, but the owner was recorded in a voiceover saying “this is the place where I like to hide”, and he then says that the video would be uploaded later.

“It’s not a place for voyeurs,” the voiceover said.

“It’s for someone else.

And it’s just a place that I like.”

In the video, the owner appears to be standing behind a bench.

However, the video does not show what is behind the bench.

According to the Dutch news outlet De Teegraaf, the property was bought by a local family in 2013.

It is not known what happened to the family after the house was bought, and no one has been named in the video.

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