Delivery service WaffleHouse has recently introduced a new service called Wafflehouse Deliver, where customers can order food from their homes and pick it up within seconds of delivery.

Waffle house have already announced a Waffles delivery service to coincide with the World Cup in the United Kingdom this year, with deliveries to coincide each week for the next few weeks.

The service was announced by Waffle Houses marketing director and co-founder James Deen last month, and the Wafflehouses new service promises to be a great way to get food back home for people who are not currently on Waffle Hut’s delivery list.

“The WaffleHut team have been working hard to create a delivery service that delivers Wafflehut to the homes of customers and customers can deliver their food to their homes,” he said.

“As soon as a customer’s order is placed, they will receive a delivery notification and the food will be delivered to their doorstep.”

Customers can also pick up their food right at home, via WaffleShare, which is a service Waffles own.

Waffles Waffle Share allows Waffle houses customers to order food and pay for delivery within minutes, via their mobile app.

Wafflinghouse have also launched their own Waffle Huts Waffle Shop, with a range of delicious Waffle-themed Waffle sandwiches and waffles.

Customers can choose from the Waffles sandwiches, including a Waffles’ Waffle, which has been developed with Waffle Shack’s own Chef James Deens.

The Waffle shops Waffle share service is available in the UK and Ireland, and Waffle hut is also launching its own Waffles-themed food store, Waffle Haven.

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