It was the beach house, the hipster watering hole, the new-age bar, the grungy coffee shop, the beachhouse bar, and the house.

The place that I felt like I belonged to, which was kind of like an exclusive club.

It was really a community, but not like I was a member of any club.

People would come to me and talk to me about music, and they were so into it.

I’d meet other people and they would tell me stories about the music, or the places they went to, or things they saw, or just stories about their lives.

There was just something about the people, and I was like, ‘Man, I really like this place.

I love this place, and it’s the place I belong to.’

And it’s not like the beach is the only place to go in my city, but it was like my second home.

It’s really a place I could really call home.

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