A white house has been dubbed the “hippo house” for its white interior.

The home was purchased by a wealthy woman who lived in the house, but she also has two other residences nearby, and they are haunted.

The house is owned by a couple from New Orleans who have been living in it for more than 40 years, and the house is located at the top of a hill overlooking the river.

The white house was built by a man named Samuel and his wife, Jane.

The home is in an estate owned by their son, but it is also haunted by a former tenant named “Amityville.”

Amity and her husband built the home on their land in the 1880s, but they moved to the White House for a different reason in 1923.

They moved into the mansion for the couple’s own enjoyment and later on they sold it.

The couple had been living there for almost 40 years before they decided to retire.

When they were looking for a home to move into, they found a house in Amityville.

They named it after their house and the couple later lived there as well.

They had the house for a while, but moved it to a different part of the country.

When they moved back in, Amity was not there anymore.

They decided to rent it out and sold it, and it was then rented out again to a couple who lived nearby, but the house was never taken over.

The two residents were living in the mansion.

The mansion was originally located at 804 East 4th Street, but when the house sold, it was moved to a new location.

The owners later moved it back to its original location.

The owners decided to make the mansion into a museum, and after many renovations, the house has now become the home of a museum.

A small museum and art gallery will be located in the home, which is currently open to the public.

The couple who owned the house also bought a nearby house and built a home there, but that house was not as well maintained as the mansion is.

The museum was created with the help of the American Red Cross, and its collection includes artifacts from around the world.

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