Hyderabad House: Melbourne, Australia, the Victorian House with Pole Barn, Yard House Menu (via Instagram) (via Facebook)Pole Barn: A Victorian house built by Sir John Pole Barnet on the site of a former mill.

The house is currently being renovated.

(Google Maps)The house features two rooms: The first room is an open-plan room with a loft, kitchen and fireplace.

The second room has a loft bedroom and a dining room.

The first floor is also available to rent as a loft and the second floor is available to purchase for a fee of $700 a month.

The house is located on the corner of South and Main Streets in Melbourne, which is adjacent to the corner block where the Victorian Palace once stood.

(Facebook)The second room, which I’ll call the “door room”, has a large open loft bed and a fireplace.

A large window on the left of the room is a great place to view the front yard and backyard from, and there are two small outdoor decks in the room for those looking to have a relaxing afternoon.

The dining room is available as a large outdoor deck.

The third room is the dining room with the fireplace.

There is a large fireplace in the fireplace room.

(Image source: Instagram)The dining room has an open kitchen with a small oven, a sink and an island.

There’s also a fridge and a large serving bowl.

The room is also a perfect spot for a picnic or an informal meeting.

(Instagram)A couple of hours later, the “room with the balcony” is the main room.

It has a spacious and open living room with an open loft and a fire pit.

The fireplace in this room is big enough to serve as a full-sized fireplace.

There are also two other bedrooms in the house.

The one with the kitchen and the one with a dining table.

Both of these bedrooms have a large porch.

(Photos source: Google Maps)A lot of the details of the Victorian house were left out in the dark, but a few interesting details are evident: The main house has two large, open loft beds (one with a kitchenette, one with fireplace), and a small kitchenette with a sink.

The door room has two small, open bedrooms with the two kitchenettes.

The balcony has a deck on the top floor.

The roof of the house has a porch and a backyard.

The patio in the backyard has a grill.

The kitchen and dining room are both fully equipped with appliances, including an electric stove and a microwave.

The two outdoor decks are great for picnics and gatherings.

The second floor of the backyard includes a small outdoor deck with a BBQ grill.

The main door to the yard is open.

The two outdoor deck spaces are available to buy for $700 monthly.

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