Hyderabad: An angry crowd has been holding their noses at the Hyderbads new plans for the future of their lives, with residents having raised concerns about a range of topics including their housing and job prospects.

“The housing plan is not the way it should be implemented, it’s the way the whole world has been implemented,” said the protester in front of the Hydres house.

“The plan is for a lot of new people coming to live in our community, we don’t want to see that happen, and so we’re here protesting.”

“I am not going to be able to go to school.

I will have to live off my savings, because I will not be able go to university, and my son will not have a future,” said another protester, who identified herself only as Amjad.

The protest was the latest in a series of protests over the plan, which is expected to be unveiled later this week.

The protests were organised by the South India United People’s Party (SIVPP) in an attempt to force the council to reveal more information on the plans.

“What is this plan?

What is this housing plan?

Why is this being implemented?” asked SIVPP spokesperson Aseem Jadhav.

“Why are people being moved into houses, where people are not allowed to live?”

“People are being moved out, people are being put into the same housing, and then you get this plan which is not a good plan,” said Jadhak.

While most of the council’s concerns centred around the housing, the protests also highlighted a host of other issues including food and water shortages, sanitation, education, health and health care.

Residents are also concerned about how they will pay for their housing, especially if they have to leave their homes for work.

“They’re telling us we can’t go to the supermarket, that we can only go to restaurants, that there will be food shortages,” said one resident.

“It is really depressing,” said Sivpp MP Rajeev Kulkarni.

While the protests were peaceful, some residents were still having difficulty dealing with the idea of the new plans.

“I can’t pay rent, and the only food I have is food that is prepared in the kitchen.

There are also other things that I don’t have,” said an angry resident who identified himself only as Vibha.

In response, council members said they have been working on a plan to make sure the residents will have access to adequate food, water and healthcare.

The new plan will also address the issues of people not being able to afford their housing.

“In the future, we will be able and able to give these people the housing they need, but they are still not being given enough housing.

It is not fair to those people, and it is not right,” said councillor Ramesh Pandey.

While some residents are still opposed to the plan in principle, the majority are supportive.

“This is a positive step forward in the development of the city, and I am very happy about it,” said Rajesh, who lives near the Hyden House.

“I feel safe, and not worrying about anything,” he said.

“People are living in their homes, and they are getting the housing that they need.”

The city’s residents will be voting on the new housing plan at a meeting on February 21.

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