In a recent Forbes article, the website ranked the five most expensive houses in the US and Canada, and the results surprised not just readers, but also the house of authors they serve.

In the top spot, the House of Green Leaves, a sprawling estate in New York City’s Catskill Mountains, comes in at $929 million.

But the price of the House in Blueprints, a home in Manhattan’s Williamsburg neighborhood, comes out at $1.5 billion, according to Forbes.

House of Leaves comes with a whopping $5 million, while House Blueprints has a $1 billion valuation.

The $949 million House of Blueprints is one of the priciest houses in New Yorker history, and it also sits right smack in the middle of the top 10 most expensive mansions in the world.

But the most expensive house in the top 20, the $1,868,000 House of Yellow Leaves, comes with an even more staggering price tag: $1 million.

The house sits right next to the most famous Manhattan landmark, the iconic “Green Lantern” sign that adorns the building.

In addition to the iconic Green Lantern, the house also features the world’s most expensive painting of a unicorn, and an array of other expensive artworks.

In the Forbes article published on Tuesday, the writers point out that “the price of houses is always the highest in New Yorkers neighborhoods.”

That fact is often overlooked, but there are plenty of reasons why.

Forbes ranked the top 100 most expensive US and Canadian houses based on the amount of cash the property would need to sell for.

The most expensive property was purchased for $4.7 billion, which is nearly double the $2.7 million price tag for the top house in Blueprint, which was purchased in 2011 for $3.5 million.

For a house that’s $10 million or more, it seems strange that the house with the most money is the most pricey.

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