The new Jordan family house has some major upgrades that will make it even better than its predecessor.

The house in Jordan’s hometown of Memphis is being built for $1.3 million.

This is a lot of money for an average house, but the house is going to look really great.

The kitchen has been updated with a new refrigerator and a new stove and refrigerator.

The bedroom was also upgraded with a bigger bed, bigger closets, and bigger windows.

The bathrooms were also upgraded.

There’s also a brand new pool with a spa and sauna, and a heated outdoor terrace.

There are also some improvements on the exterior, like the new roof and the new siding.

Jordan has also been busy in his kitchen and living room, making improvements to the cabinets and cabinets in the house.

There are also new stainless steel appliances and a larger refrigerator, which he said will keep the house from getting too hot in the summer.

The new living room will also have a built-in speaker system, and it has a new sofa, so you won’t have to make your own couch.

The entire home has been made up of four bedrooms, one bath, a guest suite, and an attached garage.

The garage is just outside the living room.

Inside the house, there’s also an updated kitchen and dining room, so it should feel like the Jordan house when it’s done.

The kitchen has also got a new microwave, and the refrigerator is also a little nicer.

The family also has a pool and saunas, and they’re also adding a sauna to the backyard.

Jordan said the pool is more comfortable and relaxing than the one he’s used in his other homes.

The main thing that sets this Jordan house apart from other houses in his family is the custom-made marble staircase, which has been built in three pieces.

The stairs are also designed to look like he’s sitting on a throne, with the top piece that’s going to be the marble railing, and two others pieces on the top.

The top piece is going into a huge marble pool, and then the bottom piece is a staircase leading to the pool.

The Jordan family is also building a new pool in their backyard, which is going a little bit longer than usual because of the time Jordan spent renovating the pool, so the pool isn’t going to get too big.

The exterior has also gotten a major makeover, with a brand-new kitchen and a brand spanking new living area.

There is also new lighting, which will make the room look much more inviting.

Jordan said that the new living space will include a wine cellar, two terraces, a saunter, and plenty of storage.

There will also be plenty of space for guests to hang out, as well as plenty of windows and some new lighting fixtures.

The pool will also feature a new heat shield, and Jordan said that it will be able to keep the temperature in the room as low as 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which can make it perfect for watching movies or playing video games.

The pool will be connected to the outside via a new water pump.

The bedrooms are also going to have a big update, with all of the bedrooms being upgraded.

The bedrooms will now have more space, with each bedroom being 5 feet longer than before.

The living room is also going a big upgrade, with new carpeting and a big screen TV.

The TV will be bigger than the other bedrooms, and there will also now be a separate vanity that can be turned into a bedside table.

The bathrooms are going to feature a bigger sink and shower, aswell as an additional vanity that has an integrated sink and toilet.

The biggest change is going out to the garage.

Jordan is making a lot more of that new kitchen available to the family, so they can have access to it, so that they can cook and have guests stay in and eat out on their property.

The house also has been converted to a walk-in garage.

There, the garage has been completely transformed from a typical garage to a beautiful, spacious and cozy space.

There’s also been a new video projector, which Jordan said will be more comfortable than the old ones.

The new projector will also give the Jordan family a more immersive view of the house and surrounding area.

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