Cliff House, starring Michael Cera and Julia Roberts, is a movie about a house built by a group of guys who find it too big to live in.

The house is haunted by a ghost and its owners, an eccentric group of brothers, are forced to live there to escape the hauntings.

The movie opens with a shot of a family in the living room, which is interrupted by the sound of a clanging, banging door.

The door swings open and a ghostly figure, who looks like a creepy clown, emerges.

The brothers, all in their early 20s, rush inside, only to find the house empty.

They decide to keep their eyes peeled for the ghost to show up again.

As they go to search, a woman is seen on the television watching the family in their living room.

Her face is covered in a dark blue robe and her eyes are closed.

She tells the brothers that she is the ghost of the family who lived there and is watching them as they sleep.

The family then heads upstairs to look for their ghosts.

They find a bed that was previously used as a bedroom.

It’s covered in rugs and pillows, with a black mattress in the center.

They then notice a wooden doll sitting in the bed next to a large white table.

It has a face that is covered with black skin.

The sisters tell the dolls that they will need to stay inside for three nights and are told to bring their bags and shoes.

The dolls then open the bedroom door and the ghosts show up, revealing themselves to be three men dressed in black who have been trapped inside the house for over a year.

They tell the brothers they need to go to the river to escape their own hauntings and that they want to be the first to be killed.

The ghost of one of the brothers comes out and is killed by a large bull, then the other brothers, who were sleeping in the room, are killed by the bull and their corpses are thrown into the river.

They are then joined by a woman who is also trapped inside, and they decide to drown themselves in the river instead of trying to escape.

The film ends with the brothers telling the ghost that they have done their duty and are ready to go back home.

The title is a reference to the book The Cliff House by author Richard L. Carpenter.

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