We’re not going to lie: this is the coolest place to be in town.

A mansion and three mansions, two mansions and two manses, all surrounded by mountains, and for only $1,216,000 a home.

The house sits right in the middle of downtown, just down the street from the U.S. Capitol, the Capitol itself, the White House and the White Houses of Congress.

You can buy it all in one day.

It’s a big deal.

But before you jump in the pool to get that fancy, we’re going to go over some of the other homes that are nearby.

The first thing you need to know about this mansion is that it is actually not the only one, or even the biggest.

This house is actually owned by the former owners of the property.

The property was originally called The Gates House and was built in the 1860s.

It was a home for the former owner, who went on to become the U,S.


The U. S. Congress has since moved and moved again, but the house was still in use for many years after that.

The former owner’s son, Charles Gates Jr., bought the house in 1984 and renovated it.

He also added a second home on the property, and he bought the adjoining property for $1 million, which was his wife’s.

When Charles Gates died in 2006, he left behind his house.

He then sold the home to his nephew, Tom Gates, who bought it in 2015.

The two-story home is on a quiet street just south of the Capitol.

The main entrance to the house is a little over a block away.

It has a large front porch that is covered with decorative glass.

In the front yard, there are many signs that say “Welcome to the Gates House” and “House Gates House is open to the public.”

The house also has an additional private entrance with a gate that is a bit smaller than the main entrance.

The gates are located behind a small front gate that allows for the main view of the neighborhood and the entire Capitol complex.

It also has a small outdoor porch.

The front entrance has a door that opens into a large courtyard.

A small patio has been built next to the front gate.

It is open for visitors to come and relax on a summer afternoon.

The home has a garden with a couple of small ponds in the front and back yard, as well as a small pond on the side.

In addition to the main gate, there is a gate facing the street, and there are also two large gates that allow access to the surrounding neighborhood.

The driveway to the home is a short one, and the property is located on the north side of the road.

This driveway leads to a small back yard with a shed and a small shed on the right side.

The shed has a shed that is located in the back yard and a shed on top of the house.

The yard has a pool area that has been converted to a sauna.

There is also a pool that has also been converted into a saunas.

The area is lined with trees that have been planted to provide shade, which is a good thing.

In this particular neighborhood, there have been a number of fires over the years, including the fire that destroyed a home in 1974.

In 2011, the home was engulfed by a fire.

The building is on the market for $2.8 million, according to the realtor.

There are no known neighbors that live in the house, so the house sits on a property that has a lot of character.

The estate was bought by a couple who sold it in 2014, and it has been in the family for many generations.

The Gates family bought the property in 1986 and renovated the house for many renovations over the past few years.

The new owners added a back yard to the property and an outdoor porch that has an attached patio, and they added a new shed.

The second story of the two-floor home was renovated in the last few years, and all of the outside has been painted a new green color.

The garage and two of the entry hall doors are also new, and are in great shape.

The entry hall door is also painted a different green color, and this also has been an ongoing renovation project.

The backyard has been repainted with a new coat of paint, and has a new fence.

The next addition is a second house next door, on a larger lot, that houses the family’s dogs.

This new house has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, a patio, a deck and a driveway.

There’s also a small porch, which has been turned into a small pavilion.

The only other house on the lot is the home’s main entrance, which still has a porch that’s been painted green.

There aren’t many other homes on this street, which also

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