A black house spider has arrived in Lego form and will be featured in a new video.

The video, called “The Black House of Lego,” shows how a Lego house spider, named Huddle, will be built using a simple Lego set.

The video shows the spider walking around a brick house in a Lego box.

The house contains four rooms, which can be divided into two sections.

In the first room, a spider house is built.

In one of the rooms, the spider house will be assembled.

The Lego house contains six bricks and the spider can be controlled by one or more Lego robots.

The set includes a spider, a Lego robot, a light switch and a spider web.

The spider house was built using Lego’s LEGO set and is based on the LEGO house spider.

Lego sets have been used for thousands of years, but Lego houses were designed for specific purposes and are now increasingly used in homes, homes-building projects and educational projects.

The Black house spider was a popular creation in the early 1990s, and it has since been used in a number of Lego sets, including the Lego House Spider, which is featured in the new video above.

The Lego house Spider will be released this spring and can be purchased in sets of 12 for $35 and comes with a black Lego spider house, which the video shows.

It is also available in white, yellow, green and red.

Lego also has a Black house Spider, but the video includes no information about its exact color.

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