As President Donald Trump and his aides seek to repair the country’s healthcare system, it’s important to understand the issues that are at the root of the problem, according to a top adviser to one of the president’s leading healthcare reform proposals.

“The problem is that the president and the [chief of staff] have a different approach to health care,” Dr. Ronen Shuren, the president of the American Medical Association, told The Jerusalem Times in an exclusive interview.

“When you get down to it, they are trying to solve the problem that has been identified by the American people,” Shuren said.

Shuren and other health care experts agree that healthcare reform will require a major overhaul of the US health care system.

“It is imperative that we reform the healthcare system as we’ve never reformed it,” Shurean said.

“The American people are entitled to the same healthcare as anyone else, but we’ve had a dysfunctional system for a long time.

The American people deserve better than what we’re getting now.”

If we are going to move forward with health care reform, the American public needs to be fully informed and have a full understanding of the issues and the complexities that will need to be addressed in order to achieve this,” he added.

Shurean is one of a number of health care advocates who have taken on the role of sounding the alarm on what many consider a system-wide failure.

In February, the health care community released a report titled, “The Ugly Truth About Healthcare Reform,” in which they warned that “American healthcare has become so out of whack that it is now more expensive than any other industrialized country.”

The report, which the AP described as a “call to action” for the health community, included the assertion that health care spending is at a record high and that there is a “massive mismatch” between what Americans pay for healthcare and what is being delivered to them.”

As a nation, we are spending an average of almost $9,000 per capita on healthcare and more than 50 percent of our spending is for health care of no use,” the report stated.”

That’s a massive mismatch between what the American taxpayer is spending and what the health system is providing.

This is a national crisis that cannot be ignored.

“In a similar vein, Shuren and others have pointed to the fact that the US spends less on health care than most of the world.”

We have a huge disparity between the amount of health insurance we have and the amount that we spend,” Shurer said.”

There’s a huge gap in terms of the cost of care and we’re spending more on health than anyone else in the world,” he said.

While the AP reported on the American Health Care Act, a proposal from the Trump administration to create a new system that would replace Obamacare, Shureanu said the health insurance industry “is not a fan of the AHCA.”

The legislation, he said, is a proposal “that doesn’t have any teeth to it” and “would be bad for the healthcare industry.””

The health insurance lobby is really trying to make it very difficult for this to happen and so the AHC has to be rejected because of its terrible impact on the health industry and the American health care industry,” Shuruan said, referring to the American Healthcare Association.”

So you can imagine the impact it would have on the insurance industry and how it would affect the American healthcare system.

“Shuren is not the only one to say that the AHCC, if passed, would be detrimental to the healthcare sector.”

This is the worst healthcare bill I have ever seen,” Shuroan said of the proposal, which he and others called “mean-spirited.””

This bill is going to hurt the healthcare industries and it’s going to do terrible things to the economy,” Shruan said referring to a similar bill passed in the Senate in 2015.”

This could be very devastating for the industry. “

It would allow the president to do things like increase the premiums for insurance companies.

Shuroan is a leading voice in the health reform movement, which advocates for the US to return to a more traditional free-market approach to healthcare, with more emphasis on private insurers, smaller business, and patients.”

We can’t afford to do this and we should not.”

Shuroan is a leading voice in the health reform movement, which advocates for the US to return to a more traditional free-market approach to healthcare, with more emphasis on private insurers, smaller business, and patients.

Shuroans position is supported by his peers in the industry, which include some of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations, including the American Hospital Association and the Healthcare Foundation for America.”HCA is one that has not had much contact with the Trump team and I’m sure it would be difficult to come to a compromise with them,” Shuraan said in an interview.

“They are very different from the ACA and they’re very hostile to a return to the traditional system.”

In fact, the AHAC, which represents the largest providers of healthcare in the US, has been

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