A humble bird house has become the latest success for a man who dreams of turning his modest apartment into a birdhouse.

The plan is to build an enormous birdhouse in a room with a small garden, which is to be decorated with decorative bird sculptures, a bird nest and even a garden. 

The feathered man is the first to have achieved such a feat in India. 

Bijan Singh, from Chhindwara, said the project is aimed at giving children the chance to develop their minds and bodies. 

“My dream is to have a bird for a house and my dream is for a bird to grow in a tree in a backyard,” Singh said. 

He has created the bird house using the local materials from the local market. 

 “We are trying to make a house that has a different character.

The bird is not only a symbol but also a place where children can play,” Singh told The Times Of India.

The project was started by the Bijan family who had built their home in a field in Chhinderpur, a town in the state of Uttar Pradesh, two years ago.

The family owns several property and has decided to build their bird house in the village. 

On the first day of the project, Singh was able to get all the necessary permissions from the village council, who granted him the green light. 

But the next day, he got a call from the neighbouring village saying that they had not received the proper permissions. 

After a bit of delay, the Bajans decided to come up with a solution. 

In his first attempt, the family decided to use the local wood for the birdhouse, but the wood turned out to be too fragile. 

When Singh took a closer look at the tree and the bird sculpture, he realised that it was a bird.

“When I saw the bird I thought I am dreaming, and then I realised that this bird has been created by me,” Singh wrote on his Facebook page. 

His mother, who works as a domestic help in the city, is now looking for a new tree for the home. 

So far, Singh has managed to raise about Rs 2,000 for his project. 

There is no date yet for when the bird home will be finished, but Singh hopes to have the house finished by the end of April. 

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