The Netherlands is one of the few countries that has not moved towards universal free health care, so it was easy to pick the most pricey house in the country.

The property in the pictures above was sold to a German businessman in 2013 for a reported €10 million.

It’s the most-expensive property in Europe according to the database.

The buyer paid a whopping €15 million for the 5.3 square metres.

Here’s what you need to know about the home.

The house in question is a “bespoke, fully furnished, 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 1 kitchen”, the house’s website reads.

A 3 bedroom room with a queen-size bed is the average price of the Dutch house.

It would cost around €1.3 million to buy it today.

The first floor has a full kitchen, but it’s empty.

The main bathroom is open and the bathtub has a sink, but no tub.

The second floor has an empty kitchen, living room, and bathroom, while the attic has a single-bedroom room with an ensuite shower.

The third floor has no living room.

A guest room has been converted into a bedroom and bathroom.

A kitchen is in the kitchen.

There is also a bedroom in the second floor.

This room has a large living room with all the furniture and appliances.

The bathroom has a separate shower.

A balcony has been added, which is used for entertaining guests.

The roof terraces are all built to the same standard as the living room and kitchen.

The terraces and balconies are connected to the terraces in the master bedroom.

A staircase leads to the second and third floors.

The home is surrounded by landscaped gardens, so there’s no need to change the layout every time you want to live there.

The price is based on a 30-year fixed-price mortgage, which will be repaid when the property sells.

The original price was €7.6 million, which was more than €100,000 more than the current average price.

The new price is €8.5 million.

The average house in this region has an average price between €9 million and €10.8 million, according to Realestate Australia.

The Netherlands house price growth has been impressive.

The country has seen a record 10% annual increase in house prices since 2008.

Here are the top 10 cities with the highest house prices in the world.

The 10 most expensive cities in the Netherlands The top 10 most-overlooked cities in Europe, according in the Real property database: Brussels, Belgium €9.5m Sydney, Australia €9m Dublin, Ireland €8m Vienna, Austria €8 million Amsterdam, Netherlands €7m Copenhagen, Denmark €7 million Berlin, Germany €7M Helsinki, Finland €7K Budapest, Hungary €6.5M Copenhagen, Sweden €6M Oslo, Norway €6 million Paris, France €6m Frankfurt, Germany $7.3M Madrid, Spain €6K Helsinki, Finnish €6,5M Berlin, West Germany $6.8M Zurich, Switzerland €6 Million Stockholm, Sweden $7M Madrid (Spain), Spain $7 million Rome, Italy $7 Million Madrid (Spanish), Spain €7 Million Copenhagen, Norway $8.4M Budapest, Czech Republic $8M Paris, French Republic $9.2M Vienna, Austrian $9M Budapest (Hungary), Hungary $9K Budapest (Budapest), Hungary €10M London, UK $10.2 million Paris (France), France $11.6M Athens, Greece $11M Milan, Italy €12.3 Million Barcelona, Spain $13.8 Million Copenhagen (Denmark), Denmark $13 million Amsterdam (The Netherlands), The Netherlands $13M Barcelona (Spain) $13K Budapest/Budnik, Hungary $14.5 Million Stockholm (Sweden) $15.3million Berlin (Germany), Germany $15 million Stockholm (South Africa) $16.5K Vienna, Germany, Austria $18.2 Million Frankfurt, German $19.6K Budapest €20.4 million Copenhagen, Netherlands $21.8million London, United Kingdom $23.4million Madrid (United States), Spain

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