House Democrats in trouble as the party in turmoil has the House whip.

The speaker, Nancy Pelosi, faces a daunting job as the first female speaker.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a super PAC, is launching an effort to win over new members and Democrats who might otherwise support the party.

And the Democrats are still in charge of their own party, even as their members are coming off their worst midterm performance in more than 50 years.

The party is in crisis, and Pelosi and the rest of the party’s leadership are in the crosshairs.

The stakes are high: If Democrats lose their majority in 2018, the party could find itself in a political deadlock.

In some districts, it would be nearly impossible to get an agenda through.

In others, it’s almost impossible to win.

In every case, it could leave the party with a president who has done little to help Democrats win in 2018.

The political situation has deteriorated to the point that the party has no choice but to confront its problems.

There’s no escaping the fact that the Democrats’ problems stem from their inability to unite and govern, or even to pass a coherent agenda.

In the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a strong majority, but it’s not enough to pass anything.

In fact, his legislative record has left many of his most vulnerable Senate Democrats feeling like they’re being punished by the Trump administration.

Many have already voiced their concerns that the GOP has lost its nerve and that Democrats won’t have a chance to govern.

Democrats have a new, new message: The country is coming apart at the seams.

They want to get back to work.

But they can’t.

In other words, they’re facing a crisis.

And while they’re fighting for their party’s future, they have to grapple with the consequences of what is a dangerous political situation.

The situation is the same in Congress, where there’s a lot of blame to go around.

But it’s different in Washington.

In Congress, Republicans are in charge, but there’s no way to stop them.

The president and his party are in complete control, and they are in a very vulnerable position.

There are two things the Democrats have to do to save their party: They need to turn out voters in their own districts, and Democrats need to win back some seats in states like California and New York that they lost.

The Senate has the votes to pass the most progressive agenda in a generation.

The House has to pass their own agenda.

It’s unclear how this will happen.

There aren’t many places in the country where the Democratic Party is strong enough to take control of the House and the Senate.

There isn’t even one place in the U.S. where the Democrats can run a majority of seats.

So the Democratic leadership is in a bind.

There is an urgent need for unity.

But this is a political situation that could take decades to resolve.

And that’s a big problem.

What is the situation?

There are a lot things going on in Washington, but the biggest thing is the president.

The first thing you need to understand about President Trump is that he has been the most divisive president in modern American history.

He has said anything he wanted, from insulting his political opponents to making baseless allegations against political opponents.

And he has done so without regard to the consequences.

For example, in a tweet in January 2017, Trump called former President Barack Obama “a phony president” and accused him of being “wire tapping” his phones during the 2016 campaign.

He also accused former President Joe Biden of being involved in an attempted assassination of him.

There were many other tweets in which Trump lashed out at Democrats.

For instance, he called Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, who was forced to resign from her position as DNC chair after she was forced out of office, a “hack” and a “liar” and said she was “totally out of control.”

There were even tweets that were aimed at Hillary Clinton, which were so incendiary that the president took to Twitter to respond.

And yet, Trump has managed to alienate many Democrats and put the party at a serious disadvantage.

He’s also alienated many members of his own party.

The President is now running his own race for president, and his supporters are using social media to attack the Democratic leader.

And his party is facing a serious crisis.

In 2018, Democrats lost seats in every major state and lost the House.

In Georgia, for example, they lost seats by just 10 points.

In Kansas, they didn’t even win a single House seat.

And in Illinois, they did lose seats.

In Missouri, they also lost seats.

And they lost the White House.

Democrats had no chance to pass any legislation, because Republicans were in complete power and they had the votes.

And if the Democrats were to get a bill through the House, the President would have to sign it into law. But in the

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