The second season of The Amber Chronicles will be titled Amber, the show will be set in a small American town in 2019 and Amber is an “unusual” character who has “a special power.”

It will be called the Amber Chronicles because of the “slightly sinister” nature of the setting.

The name will also be “similar” to the name of a movie called Amber, which was released in 1999.

Amber is a young, blonde woman who has a mysterious ability to make everyone around her invisible, which is a power she uses to protect people from monsters and other dangers.

The series has been running for nine seasons, and its eighth season is slated to premiere on May 24.

The show is a blend of horror and mystery, and the series has also taken on a dark tone, including in the premiere episode, when Amber accidentally kills an entire town with her powers, and it has been suggested the character will be killed off after that.

In addition to her mysterious abilities, Amber has also been shown to be able to heal herself, which has inspired fans to speculate she could have a healing factor, though the show has not officially confirmed that.

The show has been a ratings success, with the show averaging 3.9 million viewers per episode, with over one million people tuning in for the first time.

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