The klff king’s house has been the scene of one of the biggest betting battles of the summer.

The former Manchester United winger had bet on the Champions League and the FA Cup to win the Premier League title.

Now the pair have come face to face in the first-leg tie at Anfield.

The kloof king’s bet is not the only one on the line.

There are a lot of others.

This is the first of three meetings between the teams, with the FA Premier League and FA Cup still to come.

The two sides will meet at Anfield on Saturday, November 23, with more games to be played on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be lots of action on the pitch to kick off the new season and the two sides could not be more different.

The Premier League The two Premier League sides, Arsenal and Liverpool, have a record of 6-2 against each other and both teams have been drawn at home.

Liverpool have won the Premier league four times and Arsenal have won it four times.

Both sides are in the top half of the table and sit two points ahead of Chelsea and Everton respectively.

They both have top-class strikers in Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud, but Arsenal have been without captain Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (hamstring) and skipper Olivier Giroux (knee) for much of the season.

They also missed out on top scorer Alexis Sanchez.

In recent years, Arsenal have struggled to keep pace with the likes of Liverpool, and the fact that the two teams are now meeting at Anfield is a positive sign for both teams.

The first leg will be played in the Premier’s home ground, Anfield.

Both teams have a history of great rivalries and this will be no different.

Arsenal have always been one of Manchester United’s most successful clubs, but Liverpool are now a club that has won a major trophy and the Kop is one of England’s most famous venues.

The last time Arsenal won the league title was in 2004.

Liverpool are a team with history in the league and have won titles twice in the past.

This will be their first visit to Anfield in nearly a decade and a half.

Arsenal will be without two of their key players in Olivier Girouf and Mesut Ozil.

They are not expected to feature for the first leg.

They will be out to prove their title credentials.

Liverpool’s defence will be bolstered by the arrival of Steven Gerrard.

The England international will be rested from the first game with a groin injury.

Liverpool lost their last two games against Manchester United, but have won their last three games there.

They beat United at Old Trafford last year, and will be hoping for a repeat of that success in the derby.

Both clubs will have experienced back line performers, with England goalkeeper Simon Mignolet the only player to have missed out the last two Premier league titles.

The FA Cup The last game between the sides came back in 2014 and was decided by two goals in the last 10 minutes.

The result was 1-1 at the Emirates Stadium.

The winner of the match will play the winner of a second leg, which is also at Anfield, on October 17.

Liverpool won the cup last year and won the FA cup last season as well.

This time the winner will face the winner from the FA Super Cup.

This season Liverpool have qualified for the Champions league, but they are not in the group stages.

This may be the last time they compete for the trophy.

They need three points to qualify for the next round, and two points to be in the Champions competition.

The final match is between the two best sides in the country.

This game will be broadcast live on BT Sport on Sunday, November 22.

The Kop will be rocking out to “Lift It” and “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” from 2:00pm to 6:00am.

Liverpool fans can also expect a full-strength match between the Liverpool and Manchester City supporters in the stadium’s main stand.

Liverpool is without a Premier League player and will play out a pre-match friendly against Manchester City on November 24.

There is a strong chance of the Kop having a record-breaking match.

The game will kick off at 4:00 pm, and is expected to be a sell-out.

Liverpool will be playing the fourth-string side, but the match against Manchester will be a full squad.

Liverpool has won two league titles in a row, and won last season’s league title with a record 12 points.

Manchester United are in third place with a win over Swansea, but there is no way of guaranteeing a win against the team who won the Champions cup last time.

The draw is set for Sunday, but both sides have been known to change their opponents from time to time.

Liverpool could be facing the likes.

Arsenal vs Liverpool (Wednesday, November 26, 6:45pm) Liverpool vs Manchester City (Wednesday in the evening, November 27, 6pm

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