Austin, Texas——– The Austin-based chicken house company will receive a $1 million grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture, which is giving the company a second-round of funding to expand its business in the state.

Chicken House is one of a growing number of companies that are seeking state funding to grow and expand in Texas.

Last year, Austin-area investors got $3.2 million to expand their businesses in Texas, and another $1m from the state’s Agriculture Department this year.

But the chicken house maker said it had a much smaller, more niche business than the other two, so it wanted more funding for expansion.

“The company is not looking to expand into a major Texas market,” said Doug Brown, chicken house director.

“We’re more focused on Austin-like markets.”

Chicken House, which started in 2007 as a barbecue joint in Texas’ largest city, will expand into two new locations in Austin, where it currently operates out of a renovated chicken house in the old City Hall building.

It’s also opening up a third chicken house near downtown.

The Austin location will serve chicken and other meats, and the third location will be open on weekends.

The Texas Department is seeking $25,000 in funding from the Agriculture Department to continue to develop a “dynamic, regional, regional food supply chain” in Texas and beyond, according to a statement from the agency.

The department is also asking for an additional $20,000 for chicken farm equipment.

The company has a long history in Austin.

It was founded in the 1950s by Jack E. Davis, who later became a businessman and the father of Austin-raised chicken, the company said.

The Davis brothers sold the chicken farm to the Davis family, who built the chicken houses into a thriving business in Austin’s North Side neighborhood.

The restaurant’s current owners, Bob and Carol Davis, said the chickenhouse is a family tradition, and it’s not a business decision to move to a new location.

“This is just another way we continue to grow our business,” Bob Davis said.

The chicken house has become a popular gathering spot for many Austinites, especially since it opened in 2016.

But it has struggled to find an adequate parking lot, so the couple said they wanted to open their second location in a more convenient location.

They plan to open a third location in the city’s Downtown Eastside neighborhood.

The Davis family is also a founding member of Austin’s Food City, a food truck program that helps local food vendors sell their wares and provides food to people living in poverty.

The couple hopes the new locations will help with their mission.

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