A week after a string of violent events, the Peaking House has been transformed into a safe haven for the quiet people who’ve lost everything, in a stunning video that premiered today.

The Peaking house, built in 1864 by Thomas Peaking, the British-born architect, is one of London’s most distinctive homes, but it’s also home to many people who have been homeless or on the run from the law.

Peaking was born and raised in New York City, and was known as the architect of the modernist house and the first to incorporate a swimming pool.

The house was designed by architect William Peaking and was first completed in 1867.

In this video, Peaking’s wife Mary, his daughter, and a number of guests explore the Peakings house, including the Peaks’ own swimming pool, a library, a restaurant, and the Peakers’ own fireplace.

They’re not just here to play hide and seek with the guests.

They’re also here to visit the Peaky house with the Peaker children and grandchildren, to talk about the Peeking house, to explore the history of the house, and to watch the Peakes family play.

It’s also a chance to meet Peaking himself, who has been living here since he was 17.

He shares his story with the audience and is accompanied by a live camera.

Peaks grandson, Peter, has just been released from jail.

Peter was arrested and charged with attempted murder in his grandfather’s killing.

Peaking was a prolific architect, and Peaking died in 1903, after spending several years in prison for murder.

His house has become an iconic part of London history, and he was a founding member of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The full Peaking family visit is below:

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