There’s a lot to like about the new Winchester house that will house the mansion’s new owner, Donald Trump, the New York Times reports.

It’s also a lot of fun, the Times notes, adding that the house is the first home in the United States to be built entirely by robots.

The home will be the first house built entirely with robots, according to the Times.

The project will allow for a more automated home than anything the company has ever built, the paper notes.

The new house is a “home for the rich, the poor, and the disenfranchised,” the paper reports.

The design of the new house has been based on a “tiger-dog mix of design sensibilities, a modernist flair, and an emphasis on a spacious living room,” according to a press release from the company.

The company will be building the new home in a project called the Winchester House, and it’s being built at a time when the technology is becoming increasingly accessible, the report adds.

The house is expected to be finished in 2019, and its construction is set to be completed in 2022, the company said.

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