The UK is set to pass a law banning new developments in enclosed spaces such as sheds and garages, but the government has promised to tackle the problem through a pilot scheme to see if there is any value in making them more attractive to the public.

The Home Owners’ Association (HOA) is calling for the government to create a pilot for “urban owl houses”, and the UK’s biggest property developer, BDO, is pushing to introduce the scheme.

It is a big change for the country as it is the only developed country that does not currently allow for residential use of owl houses.

The HOA has welcomed the move, but says the Government needs to do more to encourage people to buy and live in owl houses and other new developments.

“The government needs to recognise that people need a new way of living and living together, rather than just live together in their own homes,” said Mark Taylor, the group’s chief executive.

The Government is also looking to introduce a scheme to encourage new houses to be built in rural areas to encourage the development of a rural community of owls, who are native to Britain and who are protected by the National Trust.

The first of two pilot schemes will be introduced in 2018, the other is expected to be introduced by the end of next year.

The move has been met with controversy from local residents, who say the move will create a “sick” environment for the owls.

There is a fear that the scheme will create an environment in which the owlet population will decline, while the Government has said it is already committed to making the countryside a green belt.

In the meantime, the HOA wants the government and local authorities to work together to develop the pilot and ensure the new developments do not create a nuisance.

“This pilot will help to establish whether owl houses can work, so the HOAs can make an informed decision on whether they need to be in our area,” said Ms Taylor.

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