The cost of living in the UK has skyrocketed in recent years.

But while some people are struggling to cope with the cost of housing, many more are taking a leap into the unknown, and finding a home.

Here we take a look at the most affordable houses in the country.


House in the West Midlands is £600,000 2.

House with four bedrooms in the East Midlands is now £1,500,000 3.

House for four in the South East of England is now at £1.2m 4.

House on a small island in Scotland is now worth £1m5.

House, on a farm in Cornwall is now selling for £1 million6.

House is for sale in the North East of Scotland is at £500,007.

House bought by the late Michael O’Donnell in the Isle of Man is now in a £600k auction8.

House that was purchased by the Queen in 2010, is now for sale9.

House owned by the Duke of Edinburgh is worth £7.5m10.

House at the Royal British Legion base in Portsmouth is worth a staggering £4m11.

House and a house on the outskirts of the town of Rotherhithe in Sussex is now on the market for £3.7m12.

House purchased in 2006 by the Duchess of Cornwall is worth nearly £6 million13.

House of the North Sea is worth more than £2 million14.

House near the village of Blackheath in Suffolk is worth an astonishing £1million15.

House used by the Royal Mail in 2010 and now on sale for £5.2 million16.

House was used by Lord and Lady Bracknell in the mid 1970s.

They sold it in 2013 for £10,000,00017.

House worth over £3 million in the British Isles is now being bought for £2.2million18.

House by a private family in Kent has sold for over £4 million19.

House where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a home is now up for sale20.

House has been sold in London for over $8 million21.

House once owned by Queen Elizabeth II in the 1950s has sold in its current condition for $7.2M22.

House recently bought by a Chinese investor for $4.5 million is now under renovation23.

House which was purchased in 2011 by the Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales was recently bought for $6.2.5million24.

House now on Sale for $2.6m25.

House next door to the Royal College of Nursing in London is now $3.5M26.

House a private residence in Kent, owned by Prince Charles for a number of years, is selling for $5 million27.

House built in 1883 in Edinburgh is now a $2 million property28.

House formerly owned by Princess Diana, the Duchess and Prince William in their London home is sold for $3 million29.

House to the north of London by the former owners of the House of Windsor in Sussex was sold for a record $3million30.

House currently owned by Mr and Mrs Sian Bond in South Wales has sold to an investment fund in Singapore for $1.4 million31.

House close to the village in Scotland where the Duchess lived for decades is now sold for £4.1 million32.

House sold for more than $3m by a family in south Wales to a private buyer in 201433.

House located close to a river in Cornwall, bought by former Prime Minister David Cameron in 2011, is valued at more than a million dollars34.

House valued at £800,000 in 2013 was sold to a Chinese billionaire for $11.5k35.

House selling for a reported $6 million is worth $1m, according to a local property website36.

House had been bought for almost £3m in 201237.

House property sold for about £3million in 2012, and now has a value of $2m.38.

House the former home of the Duke’s father, Earl of Salisbury, which was used as a home for the Duke to keep warm in the 18th century is now off the market39.

House as part of a multi-million dollar renovation in the 1990s was recently sold for an eye-watering $7 million40.

House home to a couple in London in 2012 has been bought by another family for $9 million41.

House sale in 2013 saw a local estate agent and real estate agent buy the home of an American businessman for $13 million, which has since gone up to $15.6 million.42.

House rented from the British Royal family by former Lord Mayor of London, Lord John Green in 2008 was recently purchased by a company owned by Lord Green43.

House being renovated in a former police station in the south east of England was recently resold for a cool $1 million,

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