A suburban house spider that lives in a suburban house has been found living in a common house plant.

The discovery was made on Monday by an employee at a grocery store in the town of Clements in northern Illinois, authorities said.

The spider was in a flower box that was being stored inside the home and it was found that there were several holes in the base of the box, said Sgt. John Furlong with the Clements Police Department.

When investigators went to check on the spider, they discovered that it was actually a common spider, which is one of the common house plants.

The common house spider was known to the local population of the house spiders, and it lives in many different places throughout the county.

Furlong said it is likely that the spider was introduced to the common plant and was attracted to it.

“The female can have a mating and then a female will lay eggs that will hatch in the common flower box,” Furl, a member of the department, said.

The egg will hatch and produce a young spider.

It will live for a couple of months and then it will die.

The common house spiders are native to the southwestern United States.

It is not known if the spider had a natural history before it was introduced.

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