‘The Chapo Trap House’ Trailer: Watch as a bunch of ‘Chapo Trap House’: A New Look at the Films and Series in the ‘Chapo Trap’ Collection

A new trailer for The Chapo Train: A New Beginning has landed, and it’s an absolutely gorgeous look at the series that is now available on Netflix.Watch as the series comes alive as the gang takes on the new chapter of their lives and their new surroundings, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for the […]

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How to make a big house without a moat

In the wild, the biggest houses are usually built on high ground.But this makes them difficult to build, especially if the house is a moating, where the walls have to be raised and then lowered again to protect the house from the elements.In the case of the Big House in Chapo Trap House, that means you need to be careful […]

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