Sponges are a major driver of Australian housing market: Australian Financial Press

The global bubble has burst, but the bubble is still a big deal in Australia.In fact, it’s probably the biggest bubble in Australian history.In the United States, the bubble peaked in the early 1980s.The bubble burst in late 1999, when home prices reached $200,000 and began to decline.But that bubble was driven by a group of bubbles that included: the […]

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Wholesale home building has been a dream for the last 40 years, says Wholesaler, a reader review

Wholesalers and Home Builders Association of Australia (WHBA) executive director of marketing and communications Peter Hirsch said the trend of house building was “the fastest-growing segment of Australian home building”.“Housebuilding in Australia has been in a steady decline over the past 40 years,” he said.A whole house fan, for example, would buy a house and build it themselves, Hirsch told […]

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